DevOps postings by Ryan Weal

Mostly sysadmin things, running your own networks, supporting CMS platforms. I have been using Linux as my main OS since 2003 and have maintained Linux servers ever since then. I started with Debian and custom kernels but more recently I run everything on Ubuntu LTS branches. Since about 2014 I have been using Vagrant to manage my systems and since 2016 there is some Docker in the mix as well.

Use more than two DNS servers
July 27, 2017

Creating a static archive of a Drupal site
April 24, 2017

Hosting your own Git-based shared repositories using SSH
December 24, 2012

Want to be a Linux admin? Start here.
August 08, 2009

Securing your site with SSL
March 27, 2009

Migration to Debian 5, aka, Lenny
March 09, 2009

Authenticated Email for Newsletters
August 21, 2008

Falling in love with wikis again
June 08, 2008

Introducing New Servers, East and West
March 07, 2008

Winter technology meanderings - web and email system upgrades
January 26, 2008

Always buy two (different) computers for mission critical applications
September 04, 2007

Upgrading the Debian way
August 06, 2007

Moving beyond just tagging
July 25, 2007

New hardware coming soon
June 26, 2007

Automatic Upgrade
April 11, 2007

Internet remote control
November 18, 2006

Typing in Chinese on Debian
November 06, 2006

After years of Photoshop, the Gimp is rocking my world
November 04, 2006

Posting with Blackberry
November 02, 2006

A Linux weekend
September 04, 2006

Radio station prototype on Debian
July 23, 2006

Managing mailing lists with ecartis software
July 19, 2006

Finally, a schedule... done a very strange way...
July 17, 2006

Linux media server rebooted, uptime ramblings will follow...
July 03, 2006

On changing Linux server configurations...
July 03, 2006

The newsletter writer's guide to project management
June 27, 2006

As Linux grows, Mac market share set to increase?
June 19, 2006

Microsoft finally changes their message on Linux
February 06, 2006