The newsletter writer's guide to project management

Ryan Weal

June 27, 2006

The newsletter is a lost art. Long before the rise of blogging and networking sites the newsletter was one of the only ways to organize socially on the internet. The ease of use compared to any "web 2.0" technology is unparalleled. "Here's the email address, it goes to everybody." Do you really need to say more than that?

Key to the success of any list is a general understanding of how and when your audience uses computers. For those of us who work day jobs this is relatively simple. Catch us during working hours, Monday through Friday, and you've got our attention.

When to send

Distribution methods

Written by:
Ryan Weal @ryan_weal
Web developer based in Montréal. I run Kafei Interactive Inc. Node.js, Vue.js, Cassandra. Distributed data. Hire us to help with your data-driven projects.