Preparing your network for the fall business season

Ryan Weal

August 01, 2007

This week marks the start of my fall hardware purchasing series that will bring new severs to my apartment. It's the first step in starting up a business that I have been planning for the better part of a year now.

The old configuration was getting dated. Here's a quick summary of my existing network architecture:

These computers make for a very busy household with wires abounding from every angle. The processing power is minimal on the user side of things and productivity wanes on two of the boxes due to vastly insufficient memory installed in the boxes.

The roadmap for the fall includes a new desktop system, upgrades to the servers and repurposing of the laptop to become a media server for my TV.

All three "desktop" systems (2 servers, 1 desktop, laptop excluded) will be rebuilt using Mini-ITX hardware and tiny cases that will move the servers onto the bookshelf. It will reduce energy consumption in my house, almost eliminate the noise from the computers (moving it below the ambient noise level of the street), and allow more flexibility with application development by separating the testing environment from production areas of work. Lastly, the new setup will remove many of the wires that are currently under siege from the new kitten and allow serious media work to commence in the new studio.

Earlier this week I purchased a new LCD monitor which will facilitate the work on all of these new machines. Now that it's up and running the cleanup of the old servers has begun and ordering of the Mini-ITX components is set to begin. It's nice to finally be organized again.

Ready to start talking about your upcoming business plans? I'd love to hear from you.

Written by:
Ryan Weal @ryan_weal
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