Introducing to Montréal JavaScripters

Ryan Weal

July 10, 2013

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Tonight I presented an overview of to the Montréal JavaScript meetup. My slides are attached to this post.

A good portion of the introduction is looking at the crazy stack that social networks generally use, typically something resembling LAMP, and that it is quite heavy for sending short messages. Mention to and node.js for being ideal to manage these situations. Some discussion was had about Diaspora and Frendika Frendica* which was interesting to note. Long story short, the stack has been screwing us all.

Then we dove into "what does it look like"... so I made a test post: and then one person asked to demo how to follow someone. Thank you whoever you are! That was a great question. Then we quickly went back to the slides.

After this I have two dense slides of install tips which are largely based on my own experience and interactions with other people running their own pump. We took a quick look at a typical config file. Everything a would-be admin will need to know.

To wrap up I provide a list of links to resources that people can use and three people to follow.

I blasted through these slides in just over 20 minutes! Yes, they are probably full of spelling errors, that's how I roll.

I have also attached the source document if you wish to recompile these into documentation, wiki pages, presentations to your friends, your boss, etc. Enjoy.


In pdf format

ODP source document

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