Getting started with multilingual content in Drupal 8

Ryan Weal

January 18, 2013

Today I re-installed my copy of Drupal 8 that I use for testing and I must say...

wow, there is so much good stuff in here. I resisted upgrading to Drupal 7 with my projects when it first came out and for good reason... many modules that are necessary for my job were not ready when the core module was. I understand this was an improvement over previous upgrades but with Drupal 8 I'm going to be ready to dive in the first day that Drupal 8 is released. This is awesome.

Getting Started

Working with Core Dev First, you're going to need a recent version of PHP. For this reason, I had to use my laptop as a host because my development server uses an older version and I'm not ready to stop production for a beta test. Once you have a suitable environment ready we can proceed with installation.

Drupal, you are so awesome.

Post-Install Configuration

I do a few things to get setup in my new dev/beta environment because I picked the "minimal" installer.

Multilingual Config

What Needs Work (Jan 18 2013) So far I have only noticed a few issues (Jan 18 2013)...

How to Help is the best place to look for information on how to contribute but I'll try to make a quick summary of the types of places you can contribute.

throw the whole thing in the garbage. I wish I were joking. Since Drupal 8 is still in development at the time of this writing, major changes can happen that break your config. So often, you will simply want to wipe out your dev site and start over rather than face bugs that are undocumented and temporary. Best to start with the latest, each time you start... unless you're reading every commit message and doing a git diff to see what happened.

Following the Initiatives

There are many "core initiatives" which are focused areas of work on Drupal 8. I have been most involved in Drupal 8 Multilingual... or D8MI. If you search D8MI as a tag on the Drupal project page, you will see what work is to be done. This is possible because the D8MI volunteers have tagged the issues and

Gábor Hojtsy, the initiative leader, does an excellent job of keeping us organized. You can also check out the individual sites for each initiative to see what issues need the most work. Joining the initiative on is a good way to stay informed, and each group also hosts IRC meetings on a regular basis. Drupal 8 Core Initiatives list Drupal 8 Multilingual homepage (see "focus" page for top priorities)

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