Linux System Administration is one of my favorite topics and was the origin of this blog. Around 2004 while I was finishing a degree in Communication I started a side hobby building servers in my apartment. I read every Unix & Linux command line tools textbooks I could find at the library and I only screwed up fdisk once.

Since I started running Linux full-time in those days I have continued to self-host many things, mostly DNS and some websites, while I let others manage my mail services. Managing an e-mail server takes a *lot* of effort to manage for a small number of people.

Recently I have really doubled-down on using Docker as my primary orchestration tool. I have made docker images for *years* at this point but I now I have gone a step further to insist on it for nearly everything. Having docker manage my build processes makes everything uniform without a great amount of complexity, specifically when dealing with multiple programming languages in the same project.

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