Linux media server rebooted, uptime ramblings will follow...

Ryan Weal
Published 2006-07-03

The root of my network will be restarted today, the server "mcluhan" acts as my main file server for all things media. The network services like web serving and email continue running, as does the desktop in the apartment.

In the computer world we celebrate uptime like some kind of cult. mcluhan has been running 196 days until now. This rivals the uptime that I had when living on 1086 Bute Street when my uptime was also around 200 days. I am always recoiling over the amount of time I spend confiugring computers and this outage is no different. I will have to reopen a few documents I have had open for months, and restart a couple system services. Crazy times. It makes me glad I settled with Linux after brief forays with Macintosh and Windows failed to excite me.

Forthcoming upgrades will provide extended battery backup and some network redundancy in another city. That will allow this system to serve out busy sites and develop out some creative email services. Look for within about a year's time. You know I only restart once or twice a year.

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