Managing mailing lists with ecartis software

Ryan Weal
Published 2006-07-19

For all of the domains hosted on this server they have one thing in common: they all use ecartis as their mailing list manager.

Why ecartis as opposed to mailman? It was a tough choice, but it basically came down to the configuration steps required on Debian. Mailman needed to be recompiled or something like that or I would have had to redesign a bunch of webpages to get it going. Ecartis just works once you know the system.

Let's update your mailing list

You need to interact with ecartis by sending it email. You can be either a manager or a user, it doesn't matter. Your commands will be different depending on who you want to be.

Letting users take care of things themselves:

To add or remove yourself from a list you must email ecartis with the word "subscribe" or "unsbuscribe' from the account you are using. The email address to send to is often -request@

  • Draft an email to ecartis
  • Put "subscribe" in the subject line
  • Send the message
  • Draft an email to ecartis
  • Put "unsubscribe" in the subject line
  • Send the message


For administrators:

Your commands will be the following, email them to ecartis. It will take these values and send you a ticket you must approve before the changes are made.


# always start with admin2 and the
        # list name

        admin2 testlist

        # then manage your old users,
        # changing all their settings around

        setfor MODERATOR
        setfor CCERRORS
        setfor REPORTS
        setfor ADMIN

        # a command structured as these unset
        # commands will assume the last email
        # from above will be the same here

        unset CCERRORS
        unset REPORTS

        # we can also add people to the list
        # or remove them.  bye joe!


        # the rest of the commands for
        # managing users, use them as the
        # commands above are used

        DIGEST2 (digest & the rest)
        ECHOPOST (self copy)

        # say goodbye to ecartis!


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