Typing in Chinese on Debian

Ryan Weal
Published 2006-11-06

Months ago I installed the software necessary to type Chinese in Linux, called SCIM (Smart Common Input Method), but I could not figure the program out. I am an absolute beginner with the language so finding the characters I wanted was a lot of trouble.

After visiting Montréal I have a new found desire to learn more languages so I'm back at the table. Working in the Gimp I started typing. Rather than use full pinyin (romanized words) I started only with the first character. The words suddenly appeared. It makes typing Chinese faster.

I also ran some tests in Inkscape, the vector graphics program for Linux. I drafted some signs, outlined the fonts, and sent them out to the printer. Nice work. I was surprised it all worked so well. Now I'm going to make some flash cards to send out to my blackberry and desktops.

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