Automatic Upgrade

Ryan Weal
Published 2007-04-11

I had an automatic upgrade on my computer this week. I had troubles with my laptop and fearing the worst (virus) I decided to investigate. Upon running my update I noticed a huge amount of activity so I let the system update.

Within the evening I had unintentionally upgraded my computer to Debian 4.0, the latest version which until now had escaped my notice. For the Windows and Mac users out there, that's like a major upgrade (like from XP to Vista but without the scary hardware considerations).

A few things broke but I was able to fix them all really quickly. Though I had to change some configurations I was well aware of which areas of the system that needed the changes and I'm already working away and enjoying the new stability.

Another bonus to this new release is that my Wacom tablet finally works on Linux for PowerPC. Previously I had only been able to use it with my Mac desktop (which is extremely slow) or with a Windows computer (which I only use at work). Now I can have my cake and eat it too.

This laptop is long for this world, the display and the hard disk each routinely fail. I doubt it will survive until the next Debian upgrade. To those who contributed to the release, thank you. Once again your efforts have gone far and beyond my expectations. My next PC will be running an x86 chipset but for now my PowerPC is still going strong. Nice.

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