First Drupal code release - Node Tasklist

Ryan Weal
Published 2011-03-13

Yesterday marks my first public foray into developing contrib modules for the Drupal project. I applied for project maintainer status for my new module, Node Tasklist.

From the description of the project:

Each time you visit the page or block created by this module you are presented with the edit form of the most recent node of that content type. When you save your changes, you are returned to the same page so you can perform another update to the node.

Read the description of Node Tasklist in my sandbox.

I made a demo of the module at the end of Montréal's Blitzweekend, where I put the final touches on the code.  You can see the module in action here:

I really love doing work that has a time component.  I have in the past written shell scripts and scheduling systems.  I also have a time tracker I developed in-house with Drupal and much more.  I hope to release all three of those as community projects once the Node Tasklist module is fully polished.

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