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Ryan Weal
Published 2007-09-13

With autumn in the air and a new comptuer on my desk it is finally time to start reaching out and taking on some work on the side. Since my time is limited to the evenings and weekends it will likely be a slow starter but I've narrowed down my scope so it should be pretty easy to manage.

Here's what I've got lined up:

  • Introducing your business to web analytics. If you're still using plain web statistics to observe the preferences of your visitors it's time to move on. The modern website requires a little more attention than how many pages are downloaded in a given day. I can introduce you to your global audience, show you who comes from where, how they got there, and what they are ultimately looking for.
  • Copywriting content for your business. Let's face it, writing is "easy" but not everyone reads things the same way. I can help you refine your content so that it is appropriate for the many different audiences visiting your website. As you would expect, writing samples are available upon request. Topics can vary as I enjoy writing on a number of subjects. I can also write very clear documentation for your technical projects that any geek would love and end users will appreciate too.
  • Graphic production, post-procssing and hosting of imagery. Over the past few years I have been utilizing the tools beyond Photoshop that are used to process graphics for websites. As such, I can configure automated systems for you to browse, categorize, and publicize images as you wish. Need a watermark for sharing your photography? I can make it happen over any medium: email, ftp, website, or post straight off your computer without you needing to lift a finger. Or maybe you just want this photo touched up on the cheap but with stellar results. Send all that stuff my way.
  • Website design and implementation oversight. I have managed a variety of web projects in the past ranging from large to small. The needs of each project differ but genarally have a lot in common. Designers are needed, they often work with different developers on the project and lots of different technologies can be involved. I try to keep the technologies and the timelines focused so things don't get out of control. Sometimes simpler really can be better. These projects tend to be somewhat larger so check in with my schedule if you need this on the fly.

So there you have it. I do these four particular things and have sufficent experience with all of them to guide you along the process of whatever online business project you are working on.


If any of these items are of interest to you pick up the phone and call me. I can be reached at 604 505 4060. I am available 7am-8pm, please leave a message during standard business hours (typically 9-5) as I am occupied with other activities during this time.


While we're on the topic, it's probably important for you to know that I've generally worked with larger organizations in the past but I hold small business owners with a high regard. With this in mind I research both ends of the spectrum, keeping in mind the bigger picture which includes your average "mom and pop" shop.

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