Second annual trip to Ontario & Quebec

Ryan Weal
Published 2007-10-20

Vancouver is starting to get mighty cold and wet so I'm taking a step out to go to places that are colder and wetter than here: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Having taken the same trip last year at this time I will be traveling to the cities in reverse order, suggesting that I may stay in Ontario longer than planned. What are my plans when I'm there? Largely the same as what I do here: lots of reading, coffee and writing emails. Catching up with things I haven't had the time to do in Vancouver lately.

Another component of the trip will include interviews with people in the communication and journalism circles of the region. Networking in Vancouver is limited to a few industry associations and the eastern markets offer some commentary you just won't get at the local gigs.

Though technically this is my vacation I'm holding steady on a commitment to travel east to get a feel for the culture of other Canadian cities. The hope is to develop a network of contacts that will support the work I do on the coast.

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