A vanity website for Web 2.0

Ryan Weal
Published 2008-04-28

About four years ago my last vanity website died. Since then I have worked on various projects at work which have kept me from posting anything really useful or relevant. Last week I ventured back into these internet waters with a simple one-page affair that outlines some of my writing experience and technology credentials.

The site is comprised of a simple HTML file and some hand-coded CSS that should work on nearly any browser out there. It is overkill for a simple one page site but my intention was to build myself a template that I can use for future projects.

The content on this landing page is an attempt at dealing with "Web 2.0". On it, you will find links to my blog postings, references to publications I read, and of course links to the network services that I rely on (such as my secure webmail zone, for instance). In essence, it should capture most things about my internet persona that show up on a Google search. It is therefore a profile which exists outside of Facebook's walled garden like others have been talking about.

As of yet, I have still not taken the plunge to try Twitter which apparently alleviates some of the "walled garden" concerns that others have. For now, the website can tie things together and you'll just have to send me your status updates through a social network I participate in. Those links will be up on the site soon enough.

With this milestone behind me I am now looking forward to doing some code to generate pages in a somewhat automatic fashion. Whether I use PHP or some cgi scripting remains to be decided, but the content will likely be based on a photo gallery application that I have utilized inside my network for some time. Another possibility is to roll out a streaming server for internet audio.

My new website, once again, is weal.ca.

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