Consulting here I come

Ryan Weal
Published 2008-08-07

Well folks, it's that time of year again when I make a blog posting about how I'm going into business on my own.

This year it's totally happening! At least that's the plan so far. I'm trying to refocus my energies on online marketing with a bit of writing and photography. That rounds out my offerings to be a "full service" web shop to businesses large and small.

For larger organizations I prefer to work on an advisory basis, while for smaller clients I'm ready to dive in and actually write some code as well.

You'll probably notice that the template on my new site is greatly improved over the one on this blog. That is intentional as well - it is a complete rewrite of the templates I was creating in a past life for my favourte resorts in North America. Updates to my other sites (including this one) will occur more frequently to promote the business. Having my own templates as a starting point helps immensely.

If you visit my personal site you will see my general outline of services for the coming months. Some things are still in the works so stay tuned for more. Until then, if you need help communicating with technology please let me know. I'm always available for lunch should you want to pick my brain for ideas.

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