Things I love about having gone solo

Ryan Weal
Published 2009-02-02

Looking back, this has been a crazy past few months.  I have gone out on my own and business is starting to trickle in.  Back in September when I set out on this journey I knew many things would change in my life.  Here are some of the ways I have changed since then.

  • University Hours - I have reverted back to my old schedule prior to my workin' man days. Sometimes I work until all hours of the night if a project is due, other days I have breaks to disconnect.
  • Telephone Centric - Since I'm working outside of the downtown core the phone has become a lifeline of social activity.  I have added a VOIP line so I can talk for free with people all over Canada.
  • Tougher Love - A lot of planning needs to go into my projects.  Trying to keep on schedule means I need to put the nice guy routine on hold sometimes. 
  • Seriously Organized - I had to edit my time-tracking script to have it log work for clients directly into their file.  My email is all sorted out now too.  I even have a server-based address book syncing all devices.

It feels good to be here.  In my zen days of university I dreamed of being this organized and having the ability to script some of the business logic.  The coming months shall be productive ones.

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