A New Desk in Gastown

Ryan Weal
Published 2009-08-31

Great news today.  I have an office!

Since November 2008 I have been working with Geist Magazine helping to build out new functionality on the website and relaunch the site after upgrading it from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.  For nearly all of this work I have been coding from my home in East Van and/or nearby cafés.  I love cafés, a lot, but after awhile you just feel like you need your own space.  So here I am.

Geist occupies a shared office space with other arts groups at 341 Water Street.  There is at least one book publisher, a performing arts group and others.  My desk fits into the web corner, bounded by archives of the magazine and a window from which you can see the sun adorn the red brick of the building next door.

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