Moved to Montréal

Ryan Weal
Published 2011-02-08

I am pleased to formally announce my relocation to Montréal! I have been planning a move here for about five years and slowly everything started coming together in late 2010. For my Vancouver clients there is minimal change. I am available by phone and I have a "conference room" setup online that we can use to demo new software. If you are in Montréal - good news! I'm in town most of the time so I am free to meet to discuss potential projects in person at a café near you. This is the start of my "national" web development practice. In 2011 I will be visiting Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Québec and Victoria unless I have any amazingly interesting gigs in other Canadian towns and cities. There is more to come. I will be relaunching the business as a bilingual practice and many services I offer are being reworked and improved for that launch. Exciting times ahead!

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