Moved to Lachute, QC

Ryan Weal
Published 2020-07-17

After decades of living in big cities and more than a decade of working remotely I have decided to move myself and my business out to the rural hinterland!

Kafei Interactive is now based in Lachute, Québec.

Lachute is a small francophone town of 12,000 people. It is about an hour north of Montréal where the forest begins. There are multiple different highways that connect here as well as many bike routes. My first bike tour after arriving in town was 38km (24 miles)!

Now that we are settled in we are hoping to get to work with some small and mid-size businesses in the area to compliment our existing US-based clientele.

If you need help with your website, app development, or technology systems please get in touch with us!

Si vous parlez français je peux connecter vous avec mon colleague Marc. Je parler français aussi mais il est mieux!

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