New server, signing off of StatusNet

Ryan Weal
Published 2013-06-24
sever graph showing terrible performance has been significantly calmed. yes, it needed more ram obviously

Over the past two years I have been a big fan of StatusNet, the social software that is open source and works similarly to twitter. On this blog I have documented my experiences running the software on my own server and it has been a fun time.

Earlier this year Evan, the founder of StatusNet, announced that he had rewritten the engine of the software with JavaScript on node.js.

I believe this was a smart choice for this software as the Apache, PHP and MySQL parts of the StatusNet stack are incredibly heavy. Evan had been working on this new JavaScript rewrite for about a year before announcing it, and I have been running it in some form since January when it was announced.

In June I finally put my instance live at It had the unfortunate consequence of topping out the memory on my server so I decided to shut down my StatusNet instance (see graph attached).

The largest StatusNet site,, is due to be converted to any day now. When that happens the network will overtake StatusNet. The PHP-based StatusNet will live on under the name GNU Social (new updates to come soon).

Some of my contributions to the StatusNet community were on my SN server. If anyone would like a copy of the themes I made please reach out to me.

If you have a account please follow me at my new instance:

... want to try This link will give you a random server that is accepting users. Don't like the domain? Just hit that link again and you'll get a different one.

For those interested, I have recreated my Chinese language flash card bot. It posts random words every 10 minutes.

PS. The attached photo shows AND StatusNet running concurrently, until I turned off SN. You can see the result... is smooooooth running.

PPS. I hope more Drupal folks end up on than were on StatusNet. I still find it hard to believe the Drupal community uses twitter rather than open source messaging platforms...

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